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ICAN's purpose is to improve the quality of life and inspire those who are affected by neurological diseases and disorders by promoting recreation and sporting events; providing adaptive equipment; and supporting rehabilitative programs.

"I Can...You Can Too !" ~Fermin
"Never Give Up. Giving up is the ultimate tragedy."

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International Coalition for the Advancement of Neurology (ICAN) TAX ID 20-3616873 is a non-profit [501(c)(3)] corporation registered in the State of California. ICAN's purpose is to bring stroke awareness to everyone. Every 3.1 minutes, someone dies from a stroke! Stroke is the third most frequent killer in the US today. At the age of 49 years Fermin Camarena suffered a massive hemmorhagic Stroke in 2003 that left him a recovering hemiplegic. Hopefully ICAN save another life!

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Who We Are

My name is Fermin Camarena.

“I founded ICAN to educate and inspire others; and to help further neurological research...”

“Two days before my 49th birthday I was hit with a massive hemmorhagic stroke or "brain bleed". There are several different types of strokes. The stroke I had is the type where the blood finds the weakest vein. It is just like over inflating a balloon. Too much pressure and something must give. It can be deadly when the affected vein or veins happen to be in the brain. When blood crosses over to the brain it causes contamination and destroys that part of the brain...”

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ICAN could not exist without your support.

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Sponsors of the Month

Thanks to Team PossAbilities for sponsoring ICAN during the last year.

Thanks to Challenged Athletes for sponsoring ICAN during the last few months.

Thanks to Christopher Lombardo at "The Bicycle Mechanic" for keeping my bike in tune.

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UCI - Robotics for Rehabilitation Therapy

is looking for candidates from 18 to 70 years of age who have suffered from a single stroke at least 3 months ago and have arm and hand weakness.

Contact Vicky Chan, Physical Therapist
University of California at Irvine
Phone: (949) 824-3355
Email: vchan2@uci.edu

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What We Do

ICAN participates in Race Events to promote wellness and demonstrate capabilities not disabilities.

Event medals, participation t-shirts and awards are presented to recovering brain injury victims to help inspre them to get well.

Fermin visits patients in local hospitals, recovery centers, and private homes to assist with individual recovery and rehabilitation, and to provide inspiration.

The Saddleback College Adapted Kinesiology Program serves a wide range of disabilities, such as: Arthritis, Blindness and visual impairments, Brain injury, and other orthopedic conditions.

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What's Up Next

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