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ICAN's purpose is to improve the quality of life and inspire those who are affected by neurological diseases and disorders by promoting recreation and sporting events; providing adaptive equipment; and supporting rehabilitative programs.

"I Can...You Can Too !" ~Fermin
"Never Give Up. Giving up is the ultimate tragedy."

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International Coalition for the Advancement of Neurology (ICAN) TAX ID 20-3616873 is a non-profit [501(c)(3)] corporation registered in the State of California. ICAN's purpose is to bring stroke awareness to everyone. Every 3.1 minutes, someone dies from a stroke! Stroke is the third most frequent killer in the US today. At the age of 49 years Fermin Camarena suffered a massive hemmorhagic Stroke in 2003 that left him a recovering hemiplegic. Hopefully ICAN save another life!

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ICAN wishes to acknowledge the generous contributions from our sponsors and donors. Without their help, we could not continue to assist others.